Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting, Aug 2018

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Thank you for stopping by my garbage disposal review blog.


We’re definitely not the largest web site on the net, but that just simply means you’re going to come across information that’s straight to the purpose, and most significantly, honest!


I’ve done my best (with the help of a technical friend) to not solely provide you good, honest information concerning the models I actually have reviewed, but to also offer you some extra data that will help your garbage disposal last for several years.


I have been the brunt of many jokes from family and friends who suppose I take garbage disposals just a little too seriously; but you’ve most likely found my site as a result of finding the correct disposal is as important to you too, and rightly thus!


Having a garbage disposal put in in your home offers a number of benefits, and this web site has been designed with the goal of helping you find the simplest garbage disposal for your lifestyle, budget, and family’s desires.


What Kind


Not every garbage disposal was created equal, and it will be tough to discern which one is true for your home.


When a fast internet search will show you that there are tons of various models to choose from.


You shouldn’t automatically select the most affordable or best rated garbage disposal. You need to find the one that’s right for your distinctive needs.


Therefore, with many completely different models of garbage disposals to decide on, it can be troublesome to work out which one will best fit your desires.

garbage disposal seen from under the sink


Reading garbage disposal reviews will be a lot of easier if you recognize what you’re looking for.


Batch feed garbage disposals do not require the installation or use of a switch. Safety codes in your community can dictate how far away from the sink the electrical switch must be located.


Manufacturers’ warranties for garbage disposals vary from one year through the lifetime of the unit.


One among the most effective warranties in the business is that the one offered by WasteKing on all of their garbage disposals. In general, the more confidence a manufacturer has in the product they’ve created, the more comprehensive their warranty will be.


If you don’t already have a kitchen disposal system put in in your home, now is the time to contemplate purchasing and installing one!


Once you have it, you’ll marvel how you ever got along while not it.


Modern food waste disposers are equipped with options for quiet grinding. The loud, noisy models are a factor of the past. Even when the garbage disposal is being used, you won’t have to stress regarding the noise bothering someone in the next area.


Eco Friendly


Most folks don’t think concerning the actual fact that garbage disposals are eco-friendly. By investing in a sink food disposer, you’ll be reducing the quantity of trash that you permit on the curb for pickup.

food going into a garbage disposal


This means that that less trash will be buried in your city’s native landfill. Conserving landfill space is a national concern, and it’s one in every of multiple reasons why rec

ycling is so necessary.


Even though it would possibly not seem like a heap to you, each conservation effort matters.


It’s estimated that thirty four million tons of food results in landfills every year in the United States alone.


By using garbage disposals, food waste will travel toward existing underground sewers and wastewater treatment plants where they’re processed into renewable energy or fertilizer product – in other words, it’s a a lot of greener approach


If you don’t have one already, we encourage you to purchase a garbage disposal thus you’ll stop sending your leftovers to landfills!


Of course, composting is another inexperienced method to house food waste and if you reside in a space where composting is convenient, it’s a great various. Except for several families garbage disposals are the only practical, convenient, long-term selection.




If you’re like most individuals who cook, your kitchen most likely looks like a disaster zone when making ready a meal for your family and eating it.


Most garbage disposals have a switch located close to the kitchen sink. All that you have got to do is turn the tap’s cold water on, flip the switch, and place the remaining leftovers in the drain.


cartoon of a man looking down a garbage disposal with a flashlight


The bottom line is that a prime quality waste disposer offers a variety of benefits for your household and therefore the atmosphere. Investing in one will save you a substantial quantity of cash and time.


How does a Garbage Disposal work?


A garbage disposal is a device that’s installed under your kitchen sink between the drain and therefore the pipe. This device breaks down food waste into little particles (about 1-two mm in size) that are then passed through plumbing.




Garage disposals value between $50 and $300. What will a lot of money get you? More power, higher operate, longer durability, longer warranties, less noise.


It doesn’t mean a $50 garbage disposal is dangerous. It simply means it will come back with a one/3 horsepower motor instead of a three/four horsepower motor and a one-year warranty instead of lifetime.


However, don’t be shocked to see that $50 disposal last over ten years.


On the other hand, a $250 investment may get you lifetime warranty, a 1.0 horsepower motor to chew through larger, more durable food scraps, and additional features like an auto-reverse operate to reduce jams, and chrome steel parts.




Once you have got a garbage disposer installed, maintenance is what keeps your unit going


As I have mentioned, garbage disposers for most people are simply another kitchen appliance that we tend to tend to take without any consideration.


I have come back across several customers over the years that solely seem to notice this “gadget” when it goes wrong, and believe it or not, customarily they go wrong is as a result of they’re not cared for correctly..


Have you had a garbage disposal break on you, experienced clogged drains, and therefore, received a fashionable plumbing bill? Chances are something was inserted down the disposal or drain that wasn’t imagined to be.


In some cases, your garbage disposal will handle things that other garbage disposals can’t.


For example, you’ll grind artichokes and rib bones in some models however not in others. We advocate checking along with your user’s manual and following what it says you’ll be able to and cannot put.


If your garbage disposal isn’t working, there are a few things you’ll do before determining that it desires replacing.

cartoon of a person plugging in a garbage disposal under the sink


Garbage disposals can additionally stop operating because of a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. This typically happens when one thing is jammed, the motor is broken, the fuse or breaker is not at the right capability, or there’s a short in the wiring.


You ought to realize out the exact cause. In some cases the repair might price a lot more than having it replaced with a new unit, in that case you will opt to buy a replacement one.


Still, there are signs that tell you when you must think about replacing a garbage disposal. The initial is a leak. This is often an indication that your garbage disposal has rusted or cracked and it’s time to interchange it.


If your garbage disposal doesn’t flip on and you’ve done all the steps to diagnose and fix it to no avail, then it’s a sign that the motor is burned out or you’ve got a kind of electrical problem together with your unit.


This can be usually quite expensive to mend. So it’s in all probability a more clever plan to get a new disposal thus you’ll have a fully new body and motor.


Still having issues? Call your manufacturer as several warranties include free parts and labor by trained service agents to repair and replace your garbage disposal, or have your plumber check up on it.


Perhaps the most effective factor you’ll be able to do to prolong the life of your garbage disposal is to avoid putting things that are not food into it.


Despite its name, a garbage disposal isn’t for garbage. It’s for food scrap solely. Do not put cigarette butts, grease, oil, animal fat, metal, plastic, paper, glass, or perhaps fibrous vegetables into it.


A garbage disposal can last over 10 years if you take care of it well.


How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean


When you utilize your garbage disposal properly it shouldn’t take much effort to stay clean.


The vital thing is that you keep the cold water running for something like fifteen seconds every time you finish grinding the food to make sure all of it’s carried through the pipes. You’ll be able to pour a little dish soap inside the disposal too, when you are doing this.

waste disposal as seen from under a sink


Once in a very while, use a secure cleaning product like Borax to scrub your garbage disposal.


Pour about 3 to four tablespoons of it down the drain and let it sit for an hour. Merely flush away the Borax with hot water after. Borax will additionally eliminate sturdy odors.


Do not use any harsh chemicals like bleach or other drain cleaners to wash your disposal.


This could seem insignificant, but a foul smelling disposal could be a sign that there’s lingering food and bacteria in your disposal that can cause your disposal to malfunction.


Any leftover food in your disposer can cause it to smell and when it decomposes it will produce an acidic environment and cause your disposal to rust.





Even though we have a tendency to use them each day, garbage disposals will be thought of one of the foremost reliable appliances in our homes. They’re true workhorses of the kitchen.


If you take sensible care of your disposal, you shouldn’t have to switch it for years. It would possibly need resetting once in an exceedingly whereas or minor repairs, but nothing major.



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Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting, Aug 2018

Summary: This site has been designed with the goal of helping you find the simplest garbage disposal for your lifestyle, budget, and family’s desires.

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Picture of a sink with a garbage disposal in it and the picture has a toptestimonial logo on it
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This site has been designed with the goal of helping you find the simplest garbage disposal for your lifestyle, budget, and family’s desires.

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