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Women doing yoga after having used the Hip Flexors Program

Hip flexors aren’t something you think about all the time. I certainly didn’t. I actually didn’t know what they were until recently.


Which is a shame, because they’re such an important part of your body, connected to and responsible for a myriad of things. This includes your weight, back pain, energy level, and even can have an impact on your sex life.


I learned about all of this the hard way, because my back hurt all the time, and even with my stretches and light exercising… it wasn’t making any difference.


So i’m going to share a customers story with you, in hopes that if you find yourself in the same situation, you won’t have to suffer and learn how to relieve your pain the difficult way like she did. My Unlock Your Hip Flexors review will only take a couple of minutes to read, but can really save you hundreds of hours of pain and subsequently fewer trips to the doctors.


If you’re not too familiar with the “Unlock Your Hip Flexor Program“, you can check it out at the official website here(opens in new window) 


Man doing yoga on a beach during the day in white cloaths, the tone is calming and healing.

What Is the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” program?


Well, it is exactly what it sounds like – a program that can help you loosen and strengthen your hip flexors.




But first, I’ll begin with explaining what Hip Flexors are.


Also called the: Psoas, your hip flexors are a group of muscles located in your hip area. They are what make it possible for you to move your legs upwards, and also, allow you to walk, run, and keep your posture, among many other types of movement.


Basically they are whats responsible for letting you move around as you wish, when you wish, without pain.


Man jogging during the day in the desert esk area buy himself. the tone is healthy and uplifting.When not used, these muscles will become tight and then limit our movements and mobility. It’s a normal phenomenon with all muscles, if they are not stretched out enough, they start losing function slowly over time. Additionally, they will absolutely become prone to wear and tear; the slightest strain can potentially cause a huge injury.


So considering the crucial role that your hip flexors play, you can see how important it is to exercise them regularly to prevent them from becoming tight. Otherwise, the consequences might be worse than you realized.


And what will happen if you don’t exercise your hip flexors?


Here are a few problems that relate to tight hip flexors:


Bulging belly:

Your hip flexors pull abdominal muscles (stomach) down. Then the abdominal muscles, on the other hand, try to pull your abs up. The perfect balance between the two sets of muscles will result in a flatter and leaner belly.


man on bicycle at sunset in the desert, hes silhouetted and the its beautifulThe problem is, if the flexors aren’t flexible and stretched enough, their pull will be stronger, which means more weight will be pulled down and outward. Then resulting in a noticeable belly.


It’s like when your playing tug of war with your dog. If you are both equally matched? Then the rope goes only slightly back and forth, staying, generally in the same spot. However, when you’re playing with a little puppy and you’re waaayyy stronger, you can end up pulling the rope right out of your pups mouth. This is basically what happens when your stiff, non-elastic hip flexors can’t keep up with your other abdominal muscles. And is basically what will lead to a bulging belly.


Back Pain:

Apart from a big belly, the pulling flexors will also strain your back muscles terribly. If you don’t do the right type of exercise to balance the two sets of muscles, you will suffer from constant back pain. I know I definitely did.


Bad Posture:

The two above problems ultimately affect your posture and even your walking style. Some of your muscles will be pulling others more than they should, and that will affect your whole skeletal structure believe it or not. If you have ever noticed yourself leaning to the side or up against a wall, instead of just being able to stand up straight, then this is a good indicator that something is probably off-balance.


Man reaching down to tie his sneakers after having used the hip flexors program. he is standing on the road and his sneakers are white and black and his pants are black along with his top

Poor Blood Circulation:

Tight Psoas(Hip Flexors) can and eventually will reduce blood circulation in your body. Especially in your abdominal area and the region below the waist. With poor blood circulation, you are also at higher risk for strokes, gaining weight, varicose veins, and many other unattractive side effects.


Other Issues:

Including sleep problems, and limited range of motion, even poor sexual health; The Hip Flexors can be responsible for a myriad of other ailments. Yes people, your abdominal area and sex life have a bigger correlation than you would imagine. And it doesn’t just end at sexual performance (which is largely determined by the flexibility of your muscles) but can also affect ones libido.


So What Causes Tight Hip Flexors?

Your Psoas tighten when you don’t exercise them properly or for the right amount. While this will happen to all muscles, the difference is that hip flexors are whats responsible for supporting your entire trunk. This makes them extremely important to your overall health. And if left alone, you’ll eventually experience issues all over your body, not just in your pelvic and hip area.


The biggest problem with our modern lifestyle’s is that we spend so much of our time sitting down. From driving, sitting in class, behind a desk, or down at a table while talking with friends over a meal. It’s just too much.


This is the bad habit that’s resulted in us not using, and strengthening the proper muscles we need to support our bodies. Ya know the saying, if you don’t use it, you lose it? That is exactly what happens with all of the muscle strength we need and rely upon. They become stiff and they becomes more difficult to move. Resulting in us sitting more.


It’s definitely a vicious cycle. And one that’s super easy to break.


Lady doing yoga on a rooftop during the day in a city by herself with her hands in the air and standing on one leg with the other against her knee. the tone is very uplifting and healthy.

I definitely acknowledge that there are people who jog, lift weights and hit the gym twice a day. And that’s good and all, but most of these conventional workouts will still not target the hip flexors! This is why even though you might spend a bunch of time exercising, you’ll still find it hard to move freely or to assume many positions. Your body will continue to be rigid.


Who knew? Not me.


I knew I was in pain and something was off. I started doing stretches, some yoga moves and just to release the tension. It worked, to a point. I was able to find a little relief, but the pain would always come back. I can’t believe it turned out, that it was the exercises I was doing, they weren’t the right ones at all for my psoas, so the exercises still weren’t helping my back pain, mobility, or posture in any way.


How the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program Works:


So we’ve established that your going to need to exercise your psoas regularly, and we also now know, that normal exercises do not typically target this part of your body.  So there’s gonna be some totally unique exercises, i hope your ready to do something other than sit-ups. And if you just want to take a productive step in the right direction of a healthier life, this is a real helpful program. To find other trusted reviews and testimonials, visit TopTestimonial.com.


If this testimonial helps anyone, even remotely as much as its helped me, I’ll jump for joy 🙂


The program is that good.


Hip Flexor Program



Summary: Top Testimonial : Disclaimer I bet Hip Flexors are’t something you think about all the time. I certainly don’t.. I actually didn’t know what they were until recently.

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Women doing yoga after having used the Hip Flexors Program
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I bet Hip Flexors are't something you think about all the time. I certainly don't.. I actually didn’t know what they were until recently.

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