4. So I Found Shopify

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So I Found Shopify


Shopify is a platform to make websites on. And is used primarily for online store type of websites. It’s the most used platform because of:

  • how automated, it makes the site,
  • and how user-friendly it is to set up.




So your going to essentially be able to plug your store into AliExpress.com.


You’ll pick the items and everything, but when the customers purchases it from you; your site will automatically buy it (for cheaper) from AliExpress and send it to the customer. Pretty awesome, right?


AliExpress is the #1 site for linking shop owners ,or anyone trying to drop ship in general, with factory’s in cheaper parts of the world.(mostly China)


The catch is that while everything is cheaper on that site, it’ll take 12-20 days shipping at best(With E-Packets)


So if something is selling really well, invest money in buying a bunch so you can have them in your warehouse or living room, just ready for 2-5 day shipping and beat the competition that’s stuck doing 12-20.


That’s more or less how Amazon works by the way, they just have massive warehouses now where they store all of these purchased goods they know are gonna sell.


And learning the system and working your way into it is a totally valid and flourishing career path, for sure. Those warehouses are filled by tons of different online business men and women. Don’t Expect to be moving tens of thousands of dollars around in merchandise all over the world over night though.


Start with a small Shopify store. Your gonna wish you did. E-Commerce is something only 1% make it into because of how self disciplined and thick-skinned you have to be.


“Everyone is waaaaaaay more protective of their money then i am!”


Is what I thought when I first started. Customers are not always easy. I don’t know if the times are changing or what, but it seems like 1 out of 5 customers are trying to get money back or something free or extra.


So give it a shot, see if you can get around the customer service aspect of DropShipping better than i can. Or try it just to see if that sort of stuff doesn’t get to you like it gets to me.


User Friendly:


It’s very user-friendly!!!


If at any point in making your Shopify site, you think it’s too technically difficult, just remember, it’s as simple as it gets. 


On a Scale From 1-10

  • Shopify site: 3
  • WordPress Blog: 7


If it does pan out to be too much for ya:


And it was for me, you’ll Inevitably seek for help and information.


What i found when i searched for: “Help setting up my Shopify site” was pretty unanimous:


  • Start the countless-hour long crusade of youtubeing your way through every little thing.


  • Go on a site like Fiverr and pay someone(usually from a different country) to do it for you.


The second choice was way to alluring for me. I’m not very tech savvy so my head was already spinning. It seemed like every time i figured out how to open a door, it just led to 10 more doors that needed opening, and on top of it, there was no end in site.


Continue onto : 5. That led me to Fiverr.





1. ETSY: How i entered the E-Commerce dimension.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 05/31)


2. YouTube’ing the question: How to make money online? 

(Release Date : 05/23 – 05/31)


3. I found DropShipping?

(Release Date : 05/23 – 05/31)


4. Saw that I needed a site to peddle. So I found Shopify.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 05/31)


5. That led me to Fiverr.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 05/31)


6. I paid $150 for a site to be made from scratch, and      Facebook/ Pinterest/ Instagram accounts set up

(Release Date : 05/23 – 05/31)


7. Etsy DropShipping kicked up, so I followed that.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 05/31)


8. Realized DropShipping just turns into customer service.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 05/31)


9. Decided I wanted to get into Affiliate Marketing.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 05/31)


10. Decided to raise my own flag, and NOT do a niche.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 05/31)


11. Building TopTestimonial.com.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 06/10)


12. Social Media & Seo.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 06/10)


13. The Automation’s.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 06/10)


14. Staying ahead of the posting.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 06/10)


15. Fitting in what i want to teach myself. 

(Release Date : 05/23 – 06/10)


16. Staying motivated.

(Release Date : 05/23 – 06/10)



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Prologue(Important): Journey Into Online Passive Income

3. I Found Drop Shipping




I Found Shopify

Summary: And Then I Found Shopify. Learn from my mistakes and do it correctly! There’s a lot about DropShipping that the gurus wont tell ya!

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And Then I Found Shopify. Learn from my mistakes and do it correctly! There's a lot about DropShipping that the gurus wont tell ya!

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