Prologue(Important): Journey Into Online Passive Income

Journey Into Online Passive Income


I work part-time as a usps carrier in the middle of nowhere, and one day decided i wanted to take the journey into online passive income from home.


First thing that popped into mind was making something and selling it on Etsy. It seemed like a great idea, i had recently taken up whittling, and thought: “well hey, I’ll just sell key chains and ornaments and the such”. Now I’m asking myself; “Should i should sell the site? or continue to learn from expanding it?”.


You’ll find all the info you need here, but in the end its gonna come down to motivation. in the same way only 1 out of 10 usps carriers last their first month. If ya want it…. anyone can do it…. but it’s not easy….. Any Affiliate Marketer who’s made there first dollar can contest that its kind of like smashing your head against the walls of your house until you find money….anyone can do it…. but it’s not easy….. see what I’m saying?


No ones gonna make 1 million dollars in a week. Sorry. I expect you’ll try the “get rich quick” stuff for a week or so, then you’ll start going about it the way we all had to:


A marathon, not a race. 


Remember that any 150+ IQ person born in this world HAS found their way to the internet… any shortcut i, and i think everyone, thought they were gonna find, has already been found. 🙁


What there is though, is a rich and vibrant market that can be accessed with ease almost anywhere in the world.


And as far as that “get rich quick stuff”… from what i’ve seen, those opportunity are from drop shipping, more specifically,  items off of Aliexpress, and marketing it do a demographic that hasn’t been tried before. Or sometimes a demographic that hasn’t been marketed to “correctly”. Your definition of correctly in this situation can define how good of an affiliate marketer you are 🙂


And for that situation to arise, you either need to have a few hundred, to a few thousand dollars to play around with, what we call: AB Testing.You’ll eventually find an add that is guaranteed to work. Then you’ll simply poor the remaining money into that add that you know is currently working.


The free way is: to make an awesome site / blog  / what ever floats your boat, and still profits 🙂


It’s slower, but if you’re entering the dimension of E-Commerce you have to learn this BS anyways 🙁 Yes, it will involve manually making posts, and loading them into a free social media scheduler.(free if you’re okay with only 15 days of scheduling (i am)) All I can promise is: you’ll find a job that’s pay is dictated by: your intelligence, but mostly motivation.


Good luck! (coffee helps!)







1. ETSY: How i entered the E-Commerce dimension.



2. YouTube’ing the question: How to make money online? 



3. I found DropShipping?



4. Saw that I needed a site to peddle. So I found Shopify.



5. That led me to Fiverr.



6. I paid $150 for a site to be made from scratch, and      Facebook/ Pinterest/ Instagram accounts set up



7. Etsy DropShipping kicked up, so I followed that.



8. Realized DropShipping just turns into customer service.



9. Decided I wanted to get into Affiliate Marketing.



10. Decided to raise my own flag, and NOT do a niche.



11. Building



12. Social Media & Seo.



13. The Automation’s.



14. Staying ahead of the posting.




15. Fitting in what i want to teach myself. 



16. Staying motivated.




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Prologue(Important): Journey Into Online Passive Income

Summary: A lot of people make there living’s off of blogging and DropShipping. But there’s no shortcuts in your Journey Into Online Passive Income

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A lot of people make there living's off of blogging and DropShipping. But there's no shortcuts in your Journey Into Online Passive Income

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