What is Fiverr? Where to start?

Cup of espresso with toptestimonial written in the froth and was made by someone on fiverr

What is Fiverr and Where to start you ask?


What is Fiverr? Well the name Fiverr was in regards to how everything (used to cost) $5 on the site.


Since Fiverr’s conception, theirs been vast evolution.


Now they’re the worlds #1 freelance outsourcing platform, with gigs ranging from $6-$1000!


And the best part is Fiverr offers almost anything you could ever need!


From technical SEO consultation to Videos of a guy dressed as Jesus giving birthday greetings or whatever ya need.


There is however one Skill you’ll need to make Fiverr work for you: How to spot a useless gig.


Okay so i am a big fan of Fiverr. I love that they make it so the “little -guy” like us can have access to cheap labor from second and third world country’s. But don’t forget every last smart person in the world has found there way to the internet, as well as every rip off artist.


  • Some people are gonna offer gigs of things that are actually easily automated
  • Some are going to offer you services in which the outcome cant exactly be determined (Seo Matters Especially)
  • Some are going to offer gigs in which the service is too technical to understand why its not exactly what your looking for.
  • Many are going to do the bare minimum and make you tell them every last thing until you just give up.
  • All that i have worked with from Nigeria run on what they call Nigerian time, in which they are expected to be late.
  • Quite a few other cultural things you’ll learn. But if i go into more detail; ill just sound racist. Sorry, your gonna have to learn it for yourself i lol.


Okay that list got long…


I didn’t want to discourage anyone.


But to avoid all the scam artists, what you have to do, is to :


  • Know exactly what you need
  • Be as specific as humanly possible.
  • Don’t let yourself be up-sold on things your not equally as studied up on.
  • Don’t buy more then 1 of the same service at once. Or you wont know for which the results are from.


For example: if you need a blog post written, you’ll see many services from top rated sellers offering around 500 words for $5. But what none of them will say is:


  • They have nothing to do with the picture and video optimizations, which are incredibly in depth if done correctly
  • They’re not gonna cover titles and headers and snippets and tags and categories and….. and…
  • you get the point.


Honestly the actual content writing is only about half the time spent on blog creation for many.


Now if you wanted to pay someone to do every last little detail of the blog post creation? And do it well?


Your gonna be paying more in the realm of $20-$75. And I’d be extremely skeptical of the $20 range. What i did to get the ball rolling for my site was:


  • I had 3 different authors write me 1, $5, 500 word, blog about similar items in my niche.
  • Then, decided which one i liked best, based on: quality and Seo score from Yoast(the standard free SEO tool for WordPress sites).
  • Then i spent the remanding $25 i had in my budget for content, on whichever author was the best.
  • When you buy in bulk, almost anyone will give you a deal, same goes with content writers.
  • And that’s one working way for efficiently spending on content via Fiverr 🙂


Another type of gig that i’v had great success with is Photoshop types:


  • Have your logo in the froth of an espresso? Only $5!
  • Thing is, that’s an app that someones using to make that, nothing fancy.
  • Yes, it’s probably a premium app, the guy had to pay for, and is why i couldn’t find it free anywhere.
  • But, the point is, this is the perfect example of how many Fiverr gigs are just a little sketchy, but still extremely useful.
  • Even if i found the app, and is was free, and it took me an hour to learn it well enough to get a pic this good…. it was all to save $5.
  • When you get into site making you’ll see why learning one entire less program is totally worth $5, and not to mention that extra hour.
  • I saw this guys examples, i knew exactly what i was going to get, and i deemed it worth the value. There was no room for error for either party.
  • Blam: Fiverr used correctly.


I wanted to get into the bigger purchases from Fiverr. But to accurately explain what its like, and therefore what to expect, i’m going to get into it pretty deep, and tell ya step by step what happened. Continue onto: “I paid $150 for a site to be made from scratch”



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What is Fiverr? Where to start?

Summary: What is Fiverr and Where to start you ask? Come find out at TopTestimonial.com

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Cup of espresso with toptestimonial written in the froth and was made by someone on fiverr
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What is Fiverr and Where to start you ask? Come find out at TopTestimonial.com

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